CSV (and TSV) file input parsing

Current format version: 1.0

You can import CSV (comma-separated values) and TSV (tab-separated values) files onto tagtog 😻. This also means, you can easily import any excel sheet onto tagtog πŸ“Š.

How it’s parsed

An imported file is parsed as follows:

Note: the imported file has at least 2 rows: 1 for the header, the other for the first document. Each subsequent row is another document.

πŸ‘‰ Would you like to upload a csv file and have it uploaded all as a single document on tagtog? πŸ€” Contact us and we can implement it.


How the parsing works is best explained with an example πŸ™‚. Say you start with an excel file (or numbers file on macOS) like the following:

Example excel

You can save the file as CSV:

Save as CSV

The file will look like this on a text editor:

Header Section 1,Header Section 2
doc1 - section 1,doc1 - section 2
doc2 - section 1,doc2 - section 2

Uploading that CSV file, will result in two documents on tagtog:

Save as CSV

And, for example, the document 1 will look like this (note the headers in bold and the paragraphs in regular font):

Save as CSV